Flooding – Be Prepared

Are you ready? has a wealth of information for preparing for disasters as well as what to do should the unthinkable happen. Did you know floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States? Failing to evacuate flooded areas, entering...

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Accelerated Benefit Riders

What are ABR's? Did you know that a study found that 53% of working-age Americans were uninsured and facing problems paying off medical expenses? Whether its a critical, chronic, or even terminal illness of a loved one, these tragedies often drain family financially...

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Term Insurance

Life Insurance - Why it's important We love February, because it's a month where we celebrate love! We wanted to share with you one of the best ways to love those you love most, which is life insurance. Life insurance answers the question and uncertainty of...

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Annual Insurance Reviews

Why Schedule an Annual Insurance Review?   It's smart to review your insurance coverage on a regular basis, because you'll be rewarded with confidence that the things you care about most are well-protected. Plus, regular insurance reviews can help save you money!   As...

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Equine Hazards

Hazards - What are they and how can you control them?   Hazards are conditions that create or increase the risk (chance) of injury to people, the horse, and property. Controlling hazards reduces the likelihood of injury. Some hazards can easily be eliminated, while...

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Umbrella Coverage for a Rainy Day

Umbrella Coverage for a Rainy Day Why Should You Consider Umbrella Coverage?   We don't always know when it's going to rain, or when it does how hard or how long the rain will fall. That's why we carry Umbrellas! Likewise, we don’t know when a loss is going to...

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Farm Equipment Maintenance and Safety

Farm Equipment Maintenance and Safety Maintenance and Safety   It's important to make sure your farm equipment stays in top working condition. Having a breakdown can be costly in two important ways: the bill for replacing the broken part(s) and the time lost in...

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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Preventing Fires Fires in barns and other farm buildings can be devastating in terms of loss of property, livestock, and sometimes lives. The farm, by nature, is a naturally abundant source of fuel. Tall grass, hay, straw, and other tall foliage are...

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Tips on Cyber Security

Cyber Security How to be Safer When Using Public Wifi It's amazing how easy it is to find public wifi these days. They’re convenient, especially when you’re on the go, but they could also leave your information vulnerable. Here are some tips to help you stay safer if...

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Client March 2018 Newsletter

Insurance News - Annuities, Often Retirement's Superior Solution Interested in learning more about annuities? They are often retirement's superior solution! The annuities of today are not those of your great grandma’s. Today’s annuities, offered only by insurance...

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Equine Insurance News March 2018

Equine Insurance News March 2018 5 Common Myths Among the Equine Community Myth #1: "I can't be sued because my horse is kept at a boarding facility." Truth: Your risk is the same no matter where your horse is -- at a boarding facility, at the trainers, or even at a...

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