Farm Equipment Maintenance and Safety

Maintenance and Safety


It’s important to make sure your farm equipment stays in top working condition. Having a breakdown can be costly in two important ways: the bill for replacing the broken part(s) and the time lost in the field. There are certain precautions a farm owner can take before, during, and after the season to keep equipment in optimum working condition, such as conducting a pre-season maintenance review or taking equipment to a local dealer for inspection. Performing regular maintenance will not always prevent breakdowns in the field, but by following these suggestions, you can make them less likely.
1) Read the Operator’s Manual.
2) Conduct maintenance properly.
3) Keep electrical connections dry and free from debris.
4) Do not overestimate the operating capacity of your equipment.
5) Replace worn parts before they become broken.
6) Store equipment in appropriate shelters.
7) Do not let an untrained person operate the equipment.
8) Do not ignore warning signs that say something is wrong.
9) Try not to operate machinery in less than optimal weather conditions, which can put a strain on the equipment.

Complete Maintenance in a Safe Manner

1) Avoid improper lifting.
2) Keep all tools in good working condition.
3) Take extra precaution when making hydraulic system repairs. Use paper or cardboard (not a hand) to find a leak.
4) Use the right tool for the right job.
5) Make sure all equipment is turned off and stabilized and that chocks are placed under the wheels to prevent rolling.
6) Never climb under a vehicle or piece of equipment on a jack unless it’s properly secured with blocks or jackstands.
7) Pay extra attention to heavy or sharp objects. They’re essential to farming operations but can cause serious bodily      harm.                                                                                                ·
8) Make sure all tools have proper safety shields.
9) Keep the work area clean, and practice safe habits when working.
10) Wear protective clothing and safety gear.
11) Train family members and workers to have safe work habits.
12) Educate novices helping with repairs and maintenance before their participation.
And don’t hurry. Most accidents happen when people rush and don’t think through what they’re about to do. Take the time to consider safety and you could reduce your risk of loss or injury.

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