Collector Car Insurance – Plus an endorsement for Uber/Lyft drivers!

Are you a collector car owner?

Using first hand knowledge of the concerns collector car and truck owners face, the company we work with has created a policy with the automatic coverage and optional enhancements you need to protect your valuable investment. Here are some of the benefits of a collector car policy!
Agreed Value Coverage
If your vehicle is declared a total loss in a covered accident, other than your deductible, you will be paid the vehicle’s insured value with no depreciation.
Generous Annual Mileage
Our policy allows you to drive up to 10,000 miles annually, and there’s an unlimited annual mileage option available! Most other classic car carriers limit the vehicle to restricted use with very low annual mileage to qualify for their programs.
Roadside Service and Flatbed Towing Option
Whether you have a mechanical breakdown, run out of gas, or lock your keys in your vehicle, our optional Emergency Roadside Assistance Endorsement with flatbed towing is available 24/7.
Repair Facility Choice
You have the choice to decide which repair facility will fix your vehicle if its damaged in a covered accident.
Spare Parts Coverage
If you own spare parts for your insured collector car and they are damaged by a covered loss, you can receive up to $1,000 for replacement purposes.
Common Cause of Loss Deductible
If both your vehicle and your home are insured with us, our common cause of loss deductible only requires you to pay one deductible if your car and home are damaged in a single event.

Are you a driver registered with a Transportation Networking Company (such as Uber, Lyft)?

New Endorsement for Rideshare drivers now available!

When this endorsement is purchased, coverage is provided when:
• The vehicle endorsed is an auto or pickup with a rated operator
• The vehicle is registered with a Transportation Network Company (TNC)
• The rated operator of the vehicle is registered with a TNC as a driver
• The TNC isn’t providing coverage (when the driver doesn’t have a passenger matched or in the vehicle but is logged in the system with the TNC)

Did you Know?

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