Business Auto Insurance Policies

Do you have a small farm business? Do you own a business auto insurance policy?

The following information pertains to business auto liability insurance, particularly your small farm business. Driving is an important but small part of small business, and usually occurs over different routes in private passenger automobiles, pickup trucks, and trailers.
Hazards are the conditions that create or increase the risk (chance) of injury to people, property and equipment. Controlling hazards reduces the risk of injury. “Safe” means low risk of injury because reasonable hazards (familiarity, perception of risk, ignoring pedestrians, the road environment and traffic) change daily, and drivers must adapt.
Auto Hazard Control Elements
The Driver
A safe driver compensates for vehicle deficiencies. Set standards for all drivers. Get a current MVR (motor vehicle record) for new drivers and every few years for existing drivers. Eliminate new candidates with records, speeding violations, reckless driving violations, etc. Train existing drivers on all routes and have monthly safety meetings. If drivers are driving your vehicles, make sure you have the proper insurance requirements for trucks and trailers.
The Vehicle
Ensure your owned vehicle is suited for the purpose, and is well maintained and frequently inspected. Make sure only permitted drivers operate the vehicle. Loads should always be inspected prior to traveling.
Hired and non-owned auto coverage pays for legal expenses that arise when you or an employee has an accident with a rental, leased, or employee’s personal vehicle. It closes a gap with most commercial auto insurance policies in which coverage is excluded for accidents involving business use of vehicles not titled to the company.
The Environment
Both the driver and vehicle must adapt to pedestrians, route, traffic, and weather. This is the defensive driving big picture, and drivers must monitor it constantly.
If a loss occurs, make sure you are doing the following:
  • Assist any injured individuals within your ability
  • Undergo first aid and CPR training
  • Move any injured individuals if they are in danger
  • Secure the area and warn motorists
  • Use a written accident reporting kit
  • Get the facts
  • Record driver names, phone numbers, license numbers and insurance information, drivers license plate numbers, and police officer names/badge numbers
  • Take photos of all damaged vehicles or property
  • Record the location design, condition and weather
  • Don’t place blame or antagonize others
  • Don’t offer opinions
  • Remember, this could become a public record
  • Promptly report the loss to your insurance company
If you are using your own vehicles in the course of business then a business policy is necessary. If you are using your personal auto policy for business purposes, then the carrier could have grounds to deny a claim. Employees driving your vehicles are not covered if the vehicle is on a personal auto policy.
Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about business auto policies and if your farm business could benefit from this type of insurance.

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