Life Insurance – Do you really need it?

When asked about life insurance, our agency often hears comments from clients such as “I don’t need life insurance,” or “My current plan is good enough.” In some cases this may be true, but in most of them the need for a life insurance policy or updates to a current policy is necessary. There are 6 stages that trigger the need for life insurance. Below is a summary of those stages, and questions to ask yourself to see if you would benefit from life insurance.
Who Needs it?
Find your current stage of life on the list below (you may fall under many of them!). Ask yourself the questions next to each stage of life.
  • Married or Getting Married – Would your spouse have enough income for funeral costs, credit card balances, outstanding loans, and daily living expenses?
  • A parent (current or expecting) – Would your spouse have the finances to give your child the life you’ve always dreamed of (living expenses,daycare, school/college tuition)?
  • A homeowner – Would your family be able to continue living in your current home and not be forced to move to a home with a smaller mortgage?
  • Changing jobs – Would your spouse/family be able to afford daily living expenses? New jobs often mean more stability financially, which means a rise in daily living expenses
  • Retired or planning for retirement – Would your spouse have to make dramatic living changes in order to make ends meet?
  • Single – Have you paid off all significant debts (credit cards, student loans, etc)? Would your family be able to pay off those debts?
If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to revisit or start a life insurance quote with you. We want to help you protect yourself and your family should the unthinkable happen.
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Did you Know?

We offer a wide variety of insurance products to include Home, Auto, Life, Annuities, Motorcycle, RV, ATV, Boat, Small Business, Rental, Umbrella, and Equine Mortality/Major Medical coverage.
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