Electric Fencing Reminders

Maintenance Tips:

− Inspect insulator terminals for sun fading and cracking. Replace regularly as needed.
− Inspect ground wires and rods for corrosion. Replace as needed. Rust is not a good conductor.
− Check fence lines regularly to make sure all vegetation is trimmed back away from the conductors.
− Only use wire specifically made for electric fencing, rated to 20,000 volts or more. Ordinary cable is not sufficient for electric fences.
− Proper grounding of the fence system is very important. Use the specified hardware and ground-clamps to securely connect ground wires to ground rods. Do not use hose-clamps or wrap loose cable around the ground rod.


    Energy savings/conservation tips:

    − It costs about $1 per month to operate a typical 10-watt electric fence controller. The cost can increase if the fence system is faulted and continuously loaded.
    − Energy can be conserved by keeping vegetation away from the fence. If green vegetation contacts fence wire, the current will short to ground similar to when an animal makes contact.
    − If an electric fence is used for animals in a snowy climate, keep the lowest wire above the snow line to conserve energy.
    − Do not mix galvanized electrical conductors with copper or any other metal. Electrolysis will result and cause pitting of components and poor conduction.


    Safety Tips

    − Whenever making repairs to the fence, unplug and lock-out/tag-out the controller plug.
    − Make sure to only tension the fence wires according to the fence manufacturer’s recommendations.
    − Never use barbed wire as an electric fence. Animals or people could become entangled on the wire resulting in a continuous electric shock.
    − Never work on or around electric fence when thunderstorms are in the area.


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