Homeowners Equipment Breakdown and Service Line Coverage

Equipment Breakdown and Service Line CoverageHOMEOWNERS EQUIPMENT BREAKDOWN AND SERVICE LINE COVERAGE    IS YOUR HOME PROTECTED?     Your home is meant to be a safe haven for you and your family, but is it fully protected from home equipment breakdown or service line...

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance IS YOUR BUSINESS PROTECTED FROM COSTLY CLAIMS?      Many farm and business owners make employment decisions — including hiring, compensating, and terminating — that can expose them to wrongful employment practices claims. Under...

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Why You Should Perform an Annual Insurance Review

Annual Insurance ReviewWHY YOU SHOULD PERFORM AN ANNUAL INSURANCE REVIEW    Now that the new year has arrived, this is the perfect time to conduct an annual review of your insurance policies as well as get up to date on impending changes to the insurance industry. As...

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Industry Updates

Insurance Industry UpdatesIMPORTANT UPDATES    We hope this newsletter finds you in good health and high spirits. In recent years, the personal lines property and casualty insurance market has been impacted and is still undergoing significant changes. Not nearly as...

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Farm flood preparation

Farm Flood Preparation  Is your farm ready?   Hurricane season has already begun, and there are things you can do NOW in order to prepare for possible flooding. It's very important to make sure not only is your family prepared, but your farm, business, and employees...

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Income loss

Farming & Business Income Loss & Extra Expense CoverageLoss of Farm and Business Income Shouldn't Threaten Your Livelihood   If you own or rent a farm you run the risk that disasters, such as a fire, windstorm or even catastrophic equipment damage, will...

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Guidelines for providing surge protection

Guidelines for providing surge protectionWhen it comes to losses of electrical and electronic equipment, few events can match the destruction caused by surges (transients) and electrical noise. These phenomena are responsible for about 50 percent of most electronic...

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Electric Fencing Reminders

Electric Fencing RemindersMaintenance Tips: − Inspect insulator terminals for sun fading and cracking. Replace regularly as needed. − Inspect ground wires and rods for corrosion. Replace as needed. Rust is not a good conductor. − Check fence lines regularly to make...

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Auto Insurance Endorsements

Auto Insurance EndorsementsGap Endorsement Gap insurance pays the difference between the amount you owe on a loan or lease and an insurance check for a totaled or stolen car. How does gap insurance work? If you have collision and comprehensive insurance you can buy...

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Equine Insurance

Equine Insurance Equine General Mortality & Theft Insurance We understand that your equine partner is a significant investment. Please see the following information regarding the equine insurance policies we offer.   Horse(s) are covered for death or humane...

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Ordinance and Law Coverage

Ordinance and Law What is Ordinance and Law Coverage? You may have heard of the term ordinance or law coverage in relation to commercial property insurance, but many people are unaware that this type of coverage can also be a part of your homeowners insurance policy....

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Insurance to Value Review

Insurance to Value Review2020 set a new annual record of 22 weather and climate events in the US, compared to the previous record of 15 events. We have seen a substantial increase in the frequency of catastrophes across the country, causing an influx of property...

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